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Power to the venue

95% of the venues  rather not work with discount sites like Groupon? 

But everbody still uses them right? And it’s no secret why.  Your business is to run the venue while their core business is to perform better than your own website. So you need them if you want to sell more right? No, not anymore. Start taking back your customers with convious today!

Take back your customer and pay less commission
Conversion is a Science

Conversion can be measured and  can be improved. This is not an art.

It takes up a lot of time, money and resources. That’s why convious takes this hassle away from you and delivers you guaranteed results. Without having to spend more on marketing you will be able to get a higher conversion ratio and more happy customers up in no time. 

Increase conversion and customer happiness
Software eats the world

Convious is the first end to end SaaS solution that helps venues to engage and convert more visitors into happy customers. 

Installed in 5 minutes and effective from day one. From customer profiling to dynamic help and from scarcity tooling to shopping cart management. Convious runs stand alone or integrated with any ticket, booking or reservation back end. 

Installed in 5 minutes and guaranteed results

What our customers achieve

Higher conversion ratio

convious  guarantees a higher conversion ratio. Our persuasive features continuously improve your sales funnel

Increased margin

No high commissions and no public discounting adds directly to your bottom line and lower your cpa immediately

Happy Customers

Our integrated marketing automation delivers more customers. Our dynamic FAQ & live chat support makes the user experience unparalleled