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Increase your direct bookings and build better customer relationships now!

Our platform integrates seamless with your current website and ticket engine.  Add one line of code to your website and in 5 minutes you can start boosting your conversion ratios.

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No more public discounting

Over 90% of the leisure industry indicates they rather not work with public discounting sites like Groupon. 

So why still use them? Convious gives you all the tools to sell more direct and build real customer relationships. And the best part is you stay in charge of your pricing and branding

Conversion is a science

Conversion is not a mystical art. It’s hard work that takes up a lot of time, money and resources. 

We aim to this hassle away from you and deliver  guaranteed results. Without having to spend more on marketing you will be able to get a higher conversion ratio and more happy customers up in no time. 

From the Cloud

Convious is the market leading end to end SaaS solution that helps venues to engage and convert more visitors into happy customers. 

Installed in 5 minutes and effective from day one. From customer profiling to dynamic FAQ and chatbots and from triggers to shopping cart management. 

Convious runs stand alone or on top of any ticket or booking system. 

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We boost your website and booking engine.

Higher conversion %

We guarantee a higher conversion ratio from visitor to customer. Our persuasive features continuously optimize your sales funnel. Venues using Convious reach an average increase of 51% from day one.

Increased margin

Convious is guaranteed less expensive then any third party website or discounting platform. With off the shelf Google Analytics integration you can measure and optimize your ad spending from day one.

Happy Customers

Convious not only converts more visitors into customers it also makes sure they have a great experience using your website. Our integrated dynamic FAQ & AI driven chatbots take care of 93% of all questions. Our agents take care of the remaining 7%