Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve launched the latest version of Convious (2.1) to our customers.


We’ve been tinkering and building like mad (but very well informed) scientists over the past few months to create a shiny new version of the Convious platform for you.

We’ve introduced new features, overhauled the UI and enhanced existing functionality to further improve conversion, accessibility and customer experience.
All while reducing the purchasing flows, allowing customers to buy tickets in only three steps.

How are we going to roll out the new widget?

As you’ve come to expect, the performance of this new release will be very closely tracked and monitored. Our initial live test will release to only 10% of your visitors. This will afford us enough data for testing, with minimal risk.
If our tests are successful we will increase the traffic for the new version to 50%. During this time we will A/B test both versions of the widget. Once the A/B test gives us enough data that we can analyse we will release the new version to 100% of the traffic. The data that we gather during the A/B test will be used to optimise the new features, user experience, conversion and revenue.

What’s changed?

We’ve rebuilt and refined our design with a new UI framework to improve customer experience and speed up the development of future features.

New product listing
– Now users can see all your ticket types on one screen!
– We’ve added the ability to include product images and descriptions in all product types.
– Product grouping is now available to help users find exactly what they’re looking for when product lists get long.
– In-line Price check allows users to bid on their ticket price without having to leave the tickets listing.

– A persistent and familiar cart has been added, improving customer experience and intuition.

– We now offer ‘upsell’! Recommend upsell products to your customers based on their behaviour and savings.
– Direct users to upsell products at any time. From emails, campaigns or anywhere else.

All of our automated emails have been rebuilt from the ground up. New designs, new features and better engagement.

– The order ID number is now using a 9-digit format. The new format allows us more flexibility and prepares our systems for a future upgrade of your dashboard itself.
– Please note that during the release period in which we are running two versions of the widget the data in your dashboard might be a bit off.


If you have any questions about your data please do not hesitate to contact us!