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With the power of A.I. to improve the booking and buying experience for visitors. We create an unique and personalized customer journey which results in conversion uplift, revenue increase and improved customer relationship.

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Camiel Kraan
CEO, Co-founder

20 years of experience in sales and operations. Founded kids learning platform Squla and sold his last start up to online gaming mogul bwinparty.

Kevin Westermeijer
CCO, Co-founder

Managed 400 Million Euro real estate portfolio at age 26, moved to the internet and founded 4 start ups before he started Convious.

Koen Scholte

Leading marketeer at Emesa in Netherlands and Germany for nearly a decade and now responsible for Convious’ marketing and strategy.

Juozapas Zabukas

Master in Software Engineering. Managed teams up to 40 developers. Tuned and improved his skills to excellence while supporting over 30 start ups from concept to production and from mvp to scale up.

Paul Klyvis
Chief Data Science Officer

Astrophysicist by education but groomed in Machine Learning and Data Science before it became the “next big thing”. Built predictive models and more for adform and latest gig at booking.com

Stas Pavlov
Product Owner

Certified scrum and product owner. Strongly believes success is not a random act. He brings more then 6 years of experience and knows how to make sure we’re building the right stuff at the right moment.

Nick Hunt-Davis
Chief UX

Multi-disciplinary digital creative. Has lead international design teams and award-winning agencies. Speaks regularly on design science (whether you want him to or not).

Artis Avotins
Full-stack Developer

Passionate full-stack developer with over a decade of experience. Loves creating stellar and crisp user experiences. Has laser eyes and an acceptable sense of humor.

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