The Convious platform

What is it exactly?

It’s about selling more without spending more. Place one simple line of code on your own website and the platform starts measuring behavioural and external data to tailor a personal sales experience to each customer.

It's the easiest way to increase revenue, and take back control of your online conversion.

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A.I. first

Convious is built on the A.I. first philosophy. This means that all decisions our platform makes or suggests to our users are based on our proprietary algorithms. Every feature, from A/B testing to the personalized pricing module is powered by this.

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Personalized pricing

The web is becoming a personal experience. We strongly believe personalized pricing is an important building block of the ultimate customer experience. Based on visitor behavior, data, intent and external elements like weather we deliver the optimal prize for both parties.

Revenue Management

Our algorithms let your visitors get their personal price using several pricing models including dynamic. Based on data sources like cookie data, external Api's (like weather) our prediction and forecast models allow you to optimise your revenue.

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Behavioural targeting

Convious tracks all your visitor behavior. Where do they come from, what do they want and what's their intent? The platform continuously learns from this data and tailors the customer journey and pricing in real time offering your visitors the best buying experience.

Some more features

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Marketing automation

Convious delivers an integrated marketing automation that takes care of the customer life cycle.

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With the power of A.I. and data we personalize the customer journey of your visitors. from first visit to confirmation.

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Live customer support

Dynamic FAQ and live chat support is included. With machine learning and chatbots we cover all customer questions.

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Seamless integration

Convious runs on your website and booking engine. Stand alone or seamlessly integrated from the cloud.

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