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Our platform moves where the market moves. We use continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines for deployment. We relish an ever changing and always expanding market. Ideal candidates favour flexibility over process.

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Data driven, A.I. powered

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We have tracking pre-baked into everything we do. We use data to measure how well we are doing with the Convious platform itself and also to help our clients improve their business.

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Modular User Experience

You won’t have users if it’s not usable. We’re helping people do business; that also means our platform doesn’t get in the way. We achieve this with a focus on interactions and aim for the right combination between mobile and desktop (web).

Scale is everything

We are a small team and operate in a dynamic environment with unpredictable capacity requirements. We use automation, programmable infrastructure and cloud to make sure scaling the solution doesn’t require scaling the team.

Software engineer - Full stack
Vilnius, Lithuania
Software engineer - Machine learning
Vilnius, Lithuania
Sales Manager
Inbound Sales Manager
Social Media Intern