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We’re a tightly-knit team of scientists and technologists. Industry veterans with backgrounds in ecommerce, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and the leisure industry. We understand that online is not your core business. It’s overrun with aggregators, online travel agencies and middlemen.

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Direct relationship

The more people and 3rd parties between you and your customer, the more out of touch you become. We grant you direct access to your customer’s insights, data and trends.

Brand value

Your brand and its legacy hold immense value. We empower you to maintain control of your brand directly on the Convious platform.

Future proof

We don’t pretend to know what the future holds. Trends shift and change all the time. Our AI driven models allow us to adapt in real-time to changing trends.

Data matters

Data is the life blood of our AI driven systems. Having the Convious platform live our your own website gets you real-time, actionable insights that would be missed if your customers were researching and booking anywhere else.


High fees of around 15 – 25% are rife in the booking industry. Heavy commissions are simply sucking budgets dry. Convious’ far lower costs mean more funds to improve your customer experience.

Bigger share

Direct bookings aren’t just great for direct revenue. Add to this our up-sell and cross-sell capabilities, and you have the most successful way to increase your share of wallet.

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